How to choose LED Tri-proof Light?

How to choose LED Tri-proof Light? you need to check them with ways as below:

1. The place of origin

  China’s LED Tri-proof Light companies are mainly concentrated in the Guangdong province, specially in Shenzhen city. There are many excellent LED Tri-proof Light enterprises in these two regions, such as Shenzhen Zedu Lighting. Its quality and technology are very mature. To create a perfect, practical and professional technology lighting brand.

2. The company

  If you can visit the factory’s production line, then of course, but the regular three anti-light factory will not let ordinary citizens visit the factory production line, because the electronics factory has high requirements for dust and anti-static, so you can register from the enterprise. Whether there is certification, whether there is ranking, media reports, user feedback, etc. to judge.

3. The product

  (1) From the finish of the product parts, the level of the mold can be seen, so that the quality is indirectly seen.

  (2) See if the solder joints have the same size, whether there is a sharp point, etc., whether it is manual soldering or reflow soldering, wave soldering, SMD mounter, PCB soldering machine, etc. These devices need hundreds of thousands to several Millions, if you use these three lights, the quality reliability is very different from the products that are hand soldered.

  (3) See if there are flaws and defects

4. The parameters

  The main parameters of the three-proof lamp, especially the high-power LED Tri-proof Light bead, are luminous efficiency and color rendering index. The current indicator of luminous efficiency is 100-120LM/W, which must be greater than 80LM/W, but this indicator is in the growth period. It will reach 130-150LM/W by next year. The color rendering index can reach more than 0.8, and this indicator does not need to pursue more than 0.95, unless you are engaged in painting and other work that requires high color.

5. See if there is glare

  If there is glare, it will have a potential adverse effect on the children in the home. Simply speaking, it is the same brightness, and the larger the light-emitting area, the better.

6. The look and function

  Look at whether the appearance is your favorite, whether it is artistic, whether there is intelligent control, whether there are special functions that you need, such as voice control functions.

7. Defective product

 you can need to know how many percent of Defective product in the warranty, if there are more Defective products, you will spend more cost for repairment, maybe lose good reputation.

8.whether can provide lighting solutions

if can provide lighting solutions with DIAlux, it means the company have a very good R&D technololy team for good products support.

9. After sales Service

  After-sales service is very important, because the three anti-lights can be used for many years, the price is not cheap, you must choose a well-known enterprise, because well-known companies tend to pay attention to reputation, it is not so easy to be famous, unnamed enterprises can sell after the goods Sign up for a new company, or simply close down.

10. Comprehensive consideration of the above indicators and prices

  Don’t just consider one of the indicators, but think about it all. One penny is worth the price. Countless past experiences tell us that it is not necessarily too expensive, but it is often a trap.


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