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  • Talking about the heat dissipation structure design of LED Tri Proof Light

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    LED Tri Proof Light have become the fourth generation of light sources and have been widely used in daily life. At present, the design of LED Tri Proof luminaires has not completely deviated from the limitations of the third-generation traditional light source design thinking, especially the heat dissipation structure needs to be optimized and improved. This time, the problem of heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns helps friends to share and exchange ideas. It is helpful, the details are as…

  • Which lights are suitable for warehouse lighting?LED Tri-Proof Light

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    In the warehouse lighting according to GB 50034-2004 “Architectural Lighting Design Standards”, warehouse lighting fixtures must meet the following requirements:       1, to meet the requirements of warehouse lighting illumination, in general, the ground illumination of the warehouse should not be less than 50lux, in order to facilitate the identification of the goods, etc.; 2, energy-saving: to achieve intelligent control of the lighting system, to achieve dual-channel lighting, can be closed all the way during the day, open two roads…

  • What is the best LED light for the underground garage? LED Tri-Proof Light Luminaires

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    Because the underground garage is a long-time lighting, the life of the lamp will be shorter than that of the ordinary lamp. Moreover, since no one is used at night, the lighting is wasted, and the constant lighting is not conducive to energy saving. Therefore, the lighting of the underground garage needs to be intelligent, the car lights are bright, and the car lights are slightly bright, and the best intelligent lighting solution at present is the microwave sensor LED…

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