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  • How to choose LED Tri-proof Light?

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    How to choose LED Tri-proof Light? you need to check them with ways as below: 1. The place of origin   China’s LED Tri-proof Light companies are mainly concentrated in the Guangdong province, specially in Shenzhen city. There are many excellent LED Tri-proof Light enterprises in these two regions, such as Shenzhen Zedu Lighting. Its quality and technology are very mature. To create a perfect, practical and professional technology lighting brand. 2. The company   If you can visit the factory’s production…

  • What is the LED Tri-proof Light?

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    What is the LED Tri-proof Light? The LED Tri-proof Light refer to: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion. The use of special anti-oxidation anti-corrosion materials and silicone sealing ring to achieve the protection of the lamps. Three types of LED Tri-proof Light: anti-glare LED Tri-proof Light, high-efficiency mirror LED Tri-proof Light,anti-fluorescent LED Tri-proof Light. The LED Tri-proof Light is very energy-saving. It belongs to the DC drive and consumes very low power. Under the same lighting effect, the LED Tri-proof Light can save…

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