Which lights are suitable for warehouse lighting?LED Tri-Proof Light

Zedu 60W LED Tri Proof Light 150cm 5ft Luminaires Fixtures Customized for warehouse in Germany

In the warehouse lighting according to GB 50034-2004 “Architectural Lighting Design Standards”, warehouse lighting fixtures must meet the following requirements:
1, to meet the requirements of warehouse lighting illumination, in general, the ground illumination of the warehouse should not be less than 50lux, in order to facilitate the identification of the goods, etc.;

2, energy-saving: to achieve intelligent control of the lighting system, to achieve dual-channel lighting, can be closed all the way during the day, open two roads at night to achieve energy savings;

3. Safety: Explosion-proof lighting fixtures with waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion properties should be used to ensure the safe operation of the lamps;

4. Long life: In order to avoid the increase of the cost of the later dimension and ensure the timely maintenance and replacement of the lamps, the lamps with long life and high stability should be selected;

5, restartability: consider the luminaire that can be restarted instantly, to avoid the delay time of the luminaire is too long.

At present, LED Tri-Proof Light is the best lighting solutions for warehouse, cheaper cost and higher effective.



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